Simple ways to save on household bills this year

Who doesn’t like to save money on their bills? If your goal this year is to tackle your finances and make some necessary savings on your household expenses, then let us help. We know how much our customers value a great deal on the things they can’t live without, including their home heating oil, and … Continued

Common hot water problems and solutions

Cold mornings need hot showers to really wake you up and get you ready for the day ahead. Or, alternatively, a hot bath at the end of a hectic day can be just what you need to feel right about the world again. But what happens when you turn the tap on only to find … Continued

Your guide to oil tank safety in winter

Protecting your home heating oil from fuel thieves is just one of the ways you need to look after your oil tank this winter – the next step is making sure it is safe, especially after the recent period of snow and stormy weather. Keeping your oil tank safe ensures the contents are safe too, … Continued

Tips for saving money on household bills

Who wouldn’t like to shave a few pounds off their household bills? At this time of year, every little saving counts and there’s always something it could be spent on. Saving energy at home can lead to savings in your pocket, which you can spend on other essential household bills or put towards a larger … Continued

Budgeting for home heating oil at Christmas

We know this can be an expensive time of year for families, and with Christmas just around the corner, it can feel like you’re just handing over money left, right and centre. With so many extra expenses, wouldn’t it be helpful to get a few extra budgeting tips so that you can still afford the … Continued

Your top 3 insulation questions answered

If you’re wondering how to get more value out of your home heating oil spend, you’ll probably have thought about the current insulation in your house and how this can impact the heat retention in your home. It’s common knowledge that insulation is necessary for keeping your home warm, but there are lots of other … Continued

Get better at fuel efficiency with these 5 easy steps

If you can find ways to improve your fuel efficiency, you’ll start to save on your home heating oil bills, with very little extra effort on your part required. Thankfully, it’s not tricky to make some simple changes which can have a big impact on how much fuel you use at home. Get better at … Continued

How to prevent costly boiler problems

In the colder months, you will rely on your boiler every day to heat your home and hot water, so if it breaks it’s a massive inconvenience. You’ll have to suffer through cold showers or a cold house until you can get a plumber or engineer to come out to your house, and then budget … Continued

Remove condensation from your damp home with these tips

If you wake up in the morning to find your windows covered in condensation, or you notice a damp smell in your home or have started to see patches of mildew cropping up in corners of your room, then you need to address this damp issue now. Unfortunately, condensation in the home can lead to … Continued

Essential investments to make now to protect your home this winter

As a homeowner, it’s natural that you want your home to look good and stay in great condition – after all, it’s an investment and you need to protect it. Protection is important – you insure your home, lock it when you leave and maybe even have a burglar alarm installed. But what else can … Continued