Which Home Heating Oil are You?

It helps to know which oil you need when placing an order.


SuperSaverOil supplies Kerosene. Kerosene is the most popular home heating oil and most modern home heating systems use Kerosene to fuel their boiler. Kerosene is white in color and is known by a number of different names. It may be referred to as Standard Kero, 28 Second Oil, Jet A1 Kero and more generally as home ‘home heating oil’ or ‘domestic oil’. It is suitable for use in heating systems with indoor or outdoor boilers.

Premium Kerosene

This is a high performance kerosene designed to improve system efficiency, prevent sludge formation and build-up, lower carbon & deposit build-up, reduce service problems and keep fuel fresher for longer.

We supply Premium Kerosene for two applications:

Home Heat Plus – Is designed to protect your whole heating system and increase the efficiency of your boiler.

Kero Cooker Plus – If you have a range cooker this product is designed to ensure optimum performance and is cleaner burning than standard kerosene.

You can add either of these products to your order after your Quote is displayed.

Still Not Sure?

If you are still unsure of which product you need, check your tank – you may find a sticker showing the product you need. Perhaps you have an old receipt, which should show the correct product listed. If we have delivered to your address before we will have a record of the heating oil product used and we will check your order against this. Our drivers will always check the product before delivering into your oil tank so in the event that you have ordered the wrong product, we will confirm the product at delivery.